Smelly Land Rover?

If you’re planning on letting a girly into your Land Rover, or are a girly yourself (or just a bit of a girly, like Yours Truly), then you may want the interior to smell nice. A 110 Land Rover is a big old unit and is probably full of all  Read more »

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Land Rover 110 For Sale On eBay

I’m shuddering as I type this….but I actually listed my 100 Land Rover for sale on eBay. Yes, Murpha and I very nearly parted company. I can’t remember exactly when, but looking at the date of my old saved documents, it may have been around January 2012. I was going  Read more »

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Side Exit Exhaust

When my engine transplant was nearly finished, I was talking to Si at Hangar 53 about the exhaust. To be honest, I trust him there and don’t ask too many questions – he’ll have everything under control. Anyway, he was telling me that the old exhaust system was now in  Read more »

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