Smelly Land Rover?

If you’re planning on letting a girly into your Land Rover, or are a girly yourself (or just a bit of a girly, like Yours Truly), then you may want the interior to smell nice. A 110 Land Rover is a big old unit and is probably full of all manner of smelly stuff, so it needs something substantial to get the job done.

The answer, my friend, is the £1 Refreshers air freshener from Tesco!

Easier than cleaning the interior...
Easier than cleaning the interior…

If you’re of a certain age, you’ll know the Refreshers sweets. If not, take my word for it, this lemony-sherbet smell will knock your socks off!

Even in Murpha, who has more unplugged holes in her than a comedy Swiss cheese, I get a blast of citrus every time I open the door. Right now, she has to be the sweetest-smelling Land Rover on earth.

I know I’ll get stick for this post; my mates think men should smell of oil and sweat and never wash, but trust me, they’ll all go out and buy a Refreshers air freshener on the sly now.

Tesco also sell a Love Heart air freshener for a quid. It’s not as nice, though.

I can’t believe I just wrote all of the above….I really do have no shame!

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