Side Exit Exhaust

When my engine transplant was nearly finished, I was talking to Si at Hangar 53 about the exhaust. To be honest, I trust him there and don’t ask too many questions – he’ll have everything under control.

Anyway, he was telling me that the old exhaust system was now in the bin. The bigger 200tdi engine required a bigger exhaust. Simple as that, really.

“Am I getting a side-exit like yours?” I asked.

“Do you want a side-exit exhaust?” came the reply.

“If it causes you more work and is a pain in the arse, then yes!”.

My custom-made side exit exhaust
My custom-made side exit Hangar 53 exhaust

I’d never thought about it before, but all of a sudden the thought of having my mark stamped on Murpha appealed. I reckon this is going to be the start of a few such marks, as my head is now awash with ‘pimping’ ideas!

The first time I saw the exhaust was when I picked the Land Rover up to take her for her MOT. I almost squealed with delight, it looked that cool!

Murpha went through her MOT with flying colours (PHEW!) and as I paid, the guy taking my money said to me, “That’s a really nice Landy. I love the exhaust. Did you do it?”.

A lesser man would have lied, but I had to be honest and tell them that it was a Hangar 53 creation.

I’ll take the credit for asking for it, though!

Si’s got a really nice set of bush-wires on his Land Rover, too. They make opening the bonnet a pain and serve no real purpose in the UK 99% of the time. I want those next!

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