Will She, Won’t She?

Yesterday, I wrote a piece about being stuck in a Halfords car park. The summary of this piece was that I was hoping, praying even, that the problem with my Land Rover was nothing more than a duff battery.

If it wasn’t, then I’d have to start looking for a new solenoid. In fact, I’d probably just buy a new starter motor and solenoid complete. It gave every indication that it was a solenoid issue. Si, my trusty mechanic friend, said it sounded like the solenoid from the description of the problem and, to be honest, my research on Google seemed to back that up. No big deal for him; he could probably change a starter motor blindfolded, while juggling eight chicken eggs and balancing a bowl of used engine oil on his head. As for me, I reckon the best part of a day, four cut fingers and at LEAST two-dozen “F You!”s if I did it. Not to mention the £100-ish hole in my wallet to get a new starter motor.

Anyway, as you may have already read, I charged the battery and decided to give it 24-hours before trying to start it again. I wanted Murpha to be properly cold. The battery had been dormant for the best part of five months before and, not only that, it had taken quite a lot of de-ionised water to top it up to a respectable level.

For a laugh, I dug out my old Sanyo Xacti and recorded the moment for posterity. And, if I’m honest, I wanted to see if it was easy enough to fit videos into this Land Rover blog.

Below, my friend, is the result…

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