Way Up High

As I was driving back from my extended stay in a Halfords car park yesterday, I started to think about how one of the things I like about driving a proper Land Rover is the elevated height at which you sit.

Most cars, you sit down in and then rest backwards. In the 110 Landy, not only do you climb up into it, but the seating position is practically bolt upright, too. When it comes to driving, you, literally, look down on the world!

For a perv, I dare say this great, as you can look down into the cars of scantily clad females and/or males. However, I’m a bit past that stage now (why didn’t I buy a Land Rover when I was younger?!!) and I tend to drive her in the winter, anyway, when most people aren’t wearing bikini tops.

Quick shot from chest height...
Quick shot from chest height…

No, for me, the real benefit that I can virtually see around corners. I can see over hedges and fences that would usually block another road user’s vision. Obviously, this is great from a safety perspective, but what many people don’t realise is that this elevated position makes the whole journey so much more interesting.

Think about it; as kids, we all wanted to sit on the top deck of the bus. It wasn’t just so the driver couldn’t see what you were up to, or even because you could have a cigarette up there, but because you got to see stuff that you didn’t downstairs. You could even spot things in the distance and focus in on them as you drew nearer. You can’t do that low down; things just whizz past when you’re in a car.

In my Land Rover, I get to see deer running across fields, foxes and all manner of wildlife. I see so much more than I do in my car. Cars are really crap for seeing things. In fact, I see more of the world on my push bike than I do in my car. Cars get you from A to B, but the Landy enables you to see what’s in between those points. If I was going on a journey, especially to a country I hadn’t visited before, I would so much prefer to see it all. Even on regular journeys, a Land Rover often lets you see new things.

I saw bugger all yesterday, though, but hey-ho, life isn’t always that exciting…

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