Headlight Guards

I'm hardly going to win 'Land Rover Modifier Of The Year', but this is the first thing that I added to Murpha – a pair of galvanised headlight protectors.

Although these do serve a purpose, I'll be honest and say that I got them because:

  1. they make my Land Rover look a bit more hardcore, and
  2. there was a good chance that even I could fit them!

Fitting was a case of drilling four small holes for each one and then using self-tapping screws to secure them. I used stainless screws because I like the fact that they don't rust away. As I do work on my Land Rover, I'll probably swap most stuff for stainless. It costs a few pence more, but looks nicer and saves time when you have to undo it.

Talking of undoing them, I can't wait for my first bulb to blow. I believe that you can buy hinged headlamp guards, but mine will have to come off if I want to change the sidelight or indicator bulbs. Told you they were hardcore!

Land Rover Headlamp Guard
Land Rover Headlamp Guard

Cost? Bloody hell, it was eighteen months ago now, but I think they were about £15 a set. They came from eBay, my second home!

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